The Complete Guide to Technical Accounting for Businesses

technical accounting
technical accounting

There are multiple types of accounting services that can benefit your business. Among them, technical accounting can provide unique value that helps to ensure that your financial data remains accurate and contextual to the health of your future growth and present-day operations. 

When assisting your business, a technical accountant will collaborate with a larger team to ensure that their deliverables are accurate and can tell a true narrative of your business’s financial history. With this information, you can better forecast and plan for both your present and the future with greater confidence. 

Whether you are looking for a complete accounting solution or something to augment your in-house financial department, a technical accountant can provide value at each level. Today, we are going to review what technical accounting entails and how it can benefit your business. First, let’s define “technical accounting” in a bit more detail. 

What is Technical Accounting, Exactly? 

Technical accounting merges industry knowledge, technological expertise, and years of experience in the accounting profession to support a team of accountants and ensure the health of your organization’s financial information.

A technical accountant lives within your financial data and the systems that organize it. They support other accountants by: 

  • Assisting with implementing, managing, and troubleshooting software 
  • Analyzing, contextualizing, and organizing financial data 
  • Identifying issues or errors that affect the accuracy or quality of the data
  • Aid in constructing new policies and modifying existing ones 
  • Perform audits to gauge the financial health of a business 
  • Prepare necessary reports and documentation for external auditors 

A technical accountant is the infrastructural backbone of a financial team. They ensure that the entire digital ecosystem that the accountants work within remains as accurate and functional as possible while also identifying new software solutions that can continue to innovate and improve operations. 

Beyond these key responsibilities, a technical accountant is also someone that usually possesses more experience and qualifications than one in an entry-level role. For example, many technical accountants hold post-graduate business degrees and have more years of industry experience on their resumes. After all, if you are reviewing someone else’s work, you need to know what to look for! 

How Can Your Business Benefit from a Technical Accountant’s Help? 

As a business leader, you are likely to assume various roles and responsibilities at any single point in time. If you are without an in-house financial team, you may decide to hire an external solution to assist you with your administrative tasks.

If you choose to partner with an accounting service, their team usually receives assistance and guidance from a technical accountant. This person will assure and oversee the quality of your business’s financial data and reports so that, in turn, you can continue focusing on other aspects of your business with complete peace of mind. 

Conversely, if you have an in-house financial team, a technical accountant can provide immense value by guiding them and reviewing their work for any issues, errors, or opportunities for improvement. They can also assist your management team in constructing new policies, procedures, and processes that can streamline operations while remaining compliant with relevant regulations. 

Get Technical Accounting Help for Your Business Today 

As an entrepreneur, it can often feel like you have to assume every role yourself. This can cause stress and burnout but also impact the health of your business to perform at its best. 

When you need a reliable partner to help you keep your financial data in copacetic order, that’s where we come in. 

Our team at Stratlign provides a complete and comprehensive suite of accounting services to ensure the financial health of your business so that you can focus more on being the boss you have always wanted to be. Instead of spending time on administrative tasks, we will ensure you remain financially accurate and compliant so that you can spend more time on your core operations. 

Both our accountants and technical accountants collaborate to continuously ensure the quality of your data and reports as well as recommend new opportunities. If you are interested in elevating how your business manages its financial duties, contact us today to schedule a 15-minute discovery call and learn more about how we can assist you.



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Are you hurting your business by cutting into your own profits? Enter your name and email below to find out.